We help your organization be more innovative, sustainable and competitive.

What we do?

We transform organizations by exploring the opportunities that exist in the intersection between innovation and sustainability and make them more innovative, socially responsible and environmentally intelligent. We have the mission to potentiate the positive impact of our clients and maximize their competitiveness.

How we do it?

We use digital, flexible, integrated and innovative methodologies and base our work on principles of Eco-Innovation, Circular Economy, Digital Economy, Regenerative Economy, Stakeholder Centrality, Strategic Thinking and Focus on Competitiveness to serve our clients, acting on key axes of their businesses such as product and service development, supply chain management, organizational structure, business strategy, business development, among others.

Our services

Innovation + Sustainability Journey to Competitiveness

Specialized transformation process that uses a proprietary methodology based on innovation principles and offered on a digital modality that has the objective of helping our clients to create the mindset, processes, projects and necessary structures to be more competitive, environmentally intelligent and socially responsible.

Estimated duration: 3 to 6 months.

Results: General diagnosis, new strategies and business models, speciallized and personalized recommendations, eco-innovation projects and a action plan for a ciclic evolution.

Step A: The diagnosis.

The first step is to answer: Where are we? Where are we going? and How are we going to get there? To do that, we created a digital diagnosis to determine the potentialities of the organizations based on their capacities and characteristics. The objective of the diagnosis is to establish an action plan to prepare our clients to compete in the current business context.

Estimated duration: 1 to 3 months.

Results: Report with the situation of the organization, including business model, strategy, stakeholders, as well as its potentialities, opportunities and possible improvements.

Compass Program

We know that measuring the circularity of a product is important, however, we believe that without generating actions to make it more attractive, sustainable and lucrative, every measuring is in vain. Our digital Compass Program has the objectives of measuring the material circularity indicator of a selected product and performing analyses and other activities in order to define ways to make it more circular and relevant in the market.

Estimated duration: 1 to 3 months.

Results: Product selection, material circularity indicator of the selected product, speciallized recommendations and action plan.

Professional advisory and other services

Developed for companies of all sizes and industries that want a closer support in advisory, training, personalized consultancy processes, workshops, strategy design, among other activities. Our professional services are offered in digital and in person models and include a wide range of topics like sustainability, waste management, circular economy, innovation, open innovation, eco-innovation, etc.

Estimated duration: According to the requested service.

Resultados: According to the requested service, including: Reports, training plans, professional recommendations, among others.

Some of the benefits of our services

  • Compliance with norms, regulations and standards.

  • Investors attraction.

  • Productivity increase.

  • Risks reduction.

  • Improvement of the brand valeu and reputation of the organization.

  • Improvement of innovation capabilities.

  • Cost reduction.

  • Sales increase.

  • Environmental and social impacts reduction.

  • General competitiveness increase.


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